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The Old Girls' Association was formed in 1923. In 1965 the name was officially changed to 'Ivanhoe Girls' Old Grammarians' Association', although the term 'Old Girls' is still used. The constitution, which was drafted in 1924, is reviewed on a regular basis and is kept up-to-date in order to remain relevant.

In 1967 GAB was born and it is now published twice a year for all financial members of the Association. It is quite distinct from other School publications and among other interesting topics, GAB contains personal news of interest to all age levels.

The Association has always worked closely with the School - helping with reunions, fundraising, archives, career nights etc. Many Old Grammarians have become staff members, active parents, and they have also represented the Association on the School Board as nominees and elected members. In continuing the link with the School, the Association has donated many gifts. Permanent gifts include gold School Captain badges, Jean Chapman Memorial Arts and Craft prizes, and Elspeth Dean and Jean Willey Memorial awards.

There are over 1500 members of IGOGA and we always take pride in looking after our members and tracking down missing members who move and do not forward their new address.